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Dear John,
I hope the metamorphosis went smoothly.
Thanks for posting the Chaitin link. It is indeed a clear statement, or 
group of statements, and many of them confirm the respect due to to 
Chaitin as a mathematician.
However, my respect does not extend to the following, at the end of the 
"To me as a pure mathematician, metabiology is justified if it enables 
us to prove beautiful theorems. More generally, software models and 
current work on quantum information and randomness show the importance 
of an idealistic as opposed to a materialist conception of nature. 
Information and computation are better than matter and energy. I expect 
that this is just the beginning and that, if we are fortunate, we will 
continue to see idealism supersede materialism, particularly in the 
much-to-be-desired basic theoretical understanding of consciousness and 
This kind of dichotomous dogma may sit well with the 'sponsors', but it 
does not bode well for progress in information science or philosophy. Is 
there anyone who feels it does? 
Best wishes,

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    A particularly clear statement of basic results of incompleteness,
    randomness, creativity, and a proposal for application to metabiology.




    John Collier

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