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Fri Oct 30 07:49:45 CET 2015

Loet, thanks for your note (Sat Oct 24) . . . an interesting twist on
things I had not been considering.

John, re (Tue Oct 27) “rigorous connections using the entropy concept . . .
most people don't understand entropy . . . So I haven't published”
– This interests me, as my own work heads in a general “entropic” direction.

Pedro, Steve & Stan – re various notes on Locality, Five Momenta and
– I find myself thinking Five Momenta must represent five types of
localities. I ask if that “smells right” to you. If so, I would think that
“localizing hierarchies” would also be needed. For example, I see: 1)
passive descriptions of Nature (aka natural philosophy, general science) as
a different locality than, 2) anthropogenic or anthropocentric deeds (human
semiotics+acts). One might even then add 3) biological processes mediating
between 1 & 2.  All represent essentially different systems of meaning, no?
But then, the Five (suggested) Momenta would be subordinate to 1, 2, and 3
in different ways, as I read things. Evaluation (cataloguing) of different
localized traits seems to me as a possible useful path. Thoughts?

Re Chatin – an interesting article, to be sure, but for the reasons Joesph
points out (and more) I agree with his posted thoughts.

Finally, in following the posted notes, I find this “discussion about
discussion“ instructive.
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