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The Lust of the Flesh 2024 05 03

Many interesting aspects. Each interprets the picture and tries to place
her or his individual mental construct into a web of contexts that is
individual in her or his brain.

   1. *Recurrent*

We still somehow know that we are talking about the same general idea. I
liked Josef’s remark very much, that the blob-whatever is a product of
change and represents the change as such, in its circular form. (We can
give names only to things we can recognize. We can recognize a thing only
if it is predictable in its properties. Being involved in a continuously
changing environment, periodic changes bring forth occurrences that are
predictable. Wittgenstein should have elaborated on what appearances our
ancestors have encountered and given a name consistently to: these must
have been recurrent, periodic appearances. /cf Augustinus: Confessiones,
about how we learn to connect words to ideas./)

   2. *Magic words: optimal surroundings*

Josef’s other interjection, namely that cross-references can and do go
awry, become inexact and useless, if not a disturbance. The Fis group was
assembled with its first and most specific question being: how the
information transfer procedure does actually function, between sequenced
and commutative forms of describing the same logical entity, as observed in
the case DNA – organism. Ever since, the common understanding was that
genetics has a place in Fis.

The happy circumstances with genetics are that it runs only in ideal
circumstances, within a specific optimal range. A few glasses of beer or an
emotional crisis can upset the prerequisites of the continued transfer of
genetic information, and the subsequent steps do not take place; the path
towards a healthy birth can be left quite easily. The process must take
place *in ideal circumstances *to function, from the beginning till the

   3. *Hunting for tautologies*

We have two sets of logical statements. One deals with sequences of
relatively few logical markers. The other deals with combinations of
composites of up to 118 types of logical archetypes (chemical elements),
which are rather more than 4, and some elements of the collection can
appear contemporaneous, and types of contemporaneous collections will
follow each other in cycles within periodic processes. Both sets of logical
statements are complicated enough, each on its own. Now you say, this will
not work. It is obvious that such a self-referencing system of loops,
limits, thresholds, ranges, etc. when synchronized with its sequential
twin, will bring forth unresolved references and null pointers galore.

The point does not address the central assertion: *there is a way to
formalize the tautology depicting relations between sequences of 3 turns, 4
tokens and combinatorial variants of assemblies of parts with known

No one states that the rules of genetics apply everywhere. Genetics is a
freaky conjurer trick which works only if: 1. The assembly is ideally
constructed, 2. It behaves according to what we believe is logic and
rationality, 3. Its states can be represented by states of a finite
automaton, 4. External circumstances remain in their optimal ranges, 5.
There is a surplus of everything necessary (you continue the list). To
repeat: we use the magic word: *ideal circumstances *to wish away all
improbabilities, inexactitudes, restrictions, etc. which in effect say:
this is a reason that the transfer of genetic information will not be
pictured {understandably, correctly, consistently, etc.}. We say, okay,
these are fine reasons that the linkage between sequences and qualitative
states is impossible to establish in the form of a tautology. Now help me
to find the way to portrait the proceedings of genetics in which it is
self-evident that it matters and makes a difference, which of 4 tokens sits
on which of 3 places. Nature does the trick, and some of learned colleagues
in the wet parts of biology can perform the miracles in practice, which we
are debating the possibility of, in our learned society.

   4. *Progress made*

So far, it appears that

   1. Nature maintains order and consistency by keeping the spatial and
   qualitative attributes of members of a collection coordinated during
   periodic changes.
   2. The DNA transmits *geometric *properties, not *material *properties
   of the element to be assigned.
   3. Periodic changes create their own geometry, irrespective of the
   specific type of the change.
   4. This geometry consists of two Euclid spaces, transcended by two
   5. There exists a corollary, implication of the existence of a 3rd
   rectangular space, named Newton space, which is an intersection/integration
   of the two Euclid spaces.
   6. The whole system turns in 3 phases.
   7. The role of the DNA is to point out which of the possible 4 subspaces
   in Euclid notation are meant to be prevalent in the common Newton space.

As to the material content that is in transport in these spaces, the
current strategy is to concentrate on maintaining a consistent metronome,
which is synchronizing the assembly’s cycles. The *metronome cycle in:
[a+b,d-(a+b)] **↔ [2a-3b,2b-3a] *is *129 *units long, together with its
twin, the *folding cycle in: [d-(a+b),a+b] **↔ [2a-3b,2b-3a] *which is *128
*long, appear to be custom-made. I’d love to bet 100 € that the iterations
of the DNA have to do with *128, 129*.

   5. *Mendel, again*

Imagine what a nuisance Mendel could have made of himself by saying:

   1. Imagine the world as a Pythagorean construct of related (numeric)
   2. Genetics is mechanics, nothing divine or metaphysical in it.
   3. The cogs and the wheels produce relations …, 3 : 1, ….
   4. Get a grip on what is a cog and what is a wheel
   5. Why don’t you use ideas like genome, chromosome, triplet, strand,
   etc. for fabricating concepts about the tools needed to do the
   transformation of properties in generation F1 into specimen of generation

What do you think, at which step has the audience lost Mendel? Which step
was Mendel unable to convey to his contemporaries?

   6. *Have properties, will travel*

Like Mendel had developed the concept of an idea of a construct but could
not tell it clearly enough (the construct being a specific chemical in a
specific spatial assembly, sitting on a specific place), we also propose a
wonder-thing which is necessary for the automatism of inheriting
properties. The concepts we need have, similarly, properties new to current

The logical primitives wander in their habitat, obeying periodic changes.
Like Kant has peeled off particularities of a thing, until the thing as
such remained, we also peel off contexts until we find the Unit Without
Qualities (Musil), which is ready to be a part of a convenient cycle, if
the neighbors are *comme il faut* and the general level of the participants
is accommodating.

The similarity  between the thing as such and the unit without qualities is
that both are less endowed with properties as their co-concepts which are
connected to a context. The difference between both is, that the opaque
characteristics of the unit without qualities are the result of a
non-decision, *which groups it can join. *Every proband has some strong
talents. The task is to find that socio-economical-emotional context in
which the subject can achieve and generate endorphins. The unit is one of
our *136 *logical primitives, built up from *a, b*. It has a range of being
utilized in relations. Like a Lego stone, the Unit Without Qualities has
different forms and appearances. It is to be found on any of the places of
the *46.260 *catalogued cycles; the indecision is about, which of the
reorders is the case. In dependence of what is the current situation in
periodic changes, the unit can make use of none, some or all of the
potential properties it possesses, by being ready to leave/join a cycle.

   7. *Lust drives everything biologic.*

The complicated interplay in biology is an optimization exercise. The
extent to be optimized is the number of hits among all hits and misses. The
match between a prediction (expectation) and a realization (observation)
creates one unit of Freud. Predictions are relatively easy to generate in a
habitat that undergoes periodic changes. Those on whom evolution smiles,
will learn to anticipate the expectations.

The predecessor state of a finite automaton was the basis of expectations
which the current state matches or not. The current state is the basis for
expectations regarding the successor state. This generates a Peano kind of
threesomes, which are one reason more to imagine the habitat of the logical
primitives to be turning in three phases.

The idea is to imagine more such mental tools which are needed to connect
the sequence of the DNA to the properties of the unfolded organism. Lust as
a concept of inner consistency which has a value and originates from the
successor being indeed the expected successor at the next beat of the
metronome, may be as alien to the present thinking of the learned friends
as was the un-understandable stuttering of Mendel to his contemporaries,
about numbers that have a meaning above garden peas.

The cycle of actions (sequence of steps/slices/snapshots) appears to be
fueled by a mysterious *esprit *of Creation, or, rather more prosaic, by an
annihilation of alternatives (=spending of energy) which translates into
spatial dilatation. To live means in this approach spending realities by
exchanging (consuming) the alternatives of being otherwise into being in a
defined relation. Relations as such are empty. The empty relations appear
to us as distances in space. We have not found yet the simple terms of
exchange of matter into relations, but there is one, and people will find
it. (Studying *oeis.org/A242615 <https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://oeis.org/A242615__;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!Wl9AlhXWYL78zIJqGs5c-N1nl6KSTt_d9MZB1V5vf2v1lV2JhrT-LfigfR25wawAYY7HIVsR_3Pt_-h_NDOhbjnluyA$ > *could be
fruitful.) By consuming its core content, the Universe generates relations,
which are net zero in material, and appear as purely space-related facts
(expanding). By consuming air, nutrients and water, the organism exchanges
matter properties into relational properties, among them, spatial ones.
This is basically a Ponzi scheme and will inevitably result in a breakdown,

   8. Closing remarks

Sorry for being a few paragraphs above 3 pages A4. The aim was to
congratulate the learned friends on working with a model that contrasts
cross-sections with sequences. The sequence of momentary emotions will
cause a proto-organism to take action, by moving in the model, by other
forms of consequence in biologic reality.

The process is sustainable if the sequence of (emotional) states is a cycle
(repeating). This is the case with all living things. The process can be

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