[Fis] ITHEA Classification Structure – Bitrum Glossary

Marcus Abundis 55mrcs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 09:45:55 CET 2021

Hey Krassimir,

I tried several times to access
using three different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla – on an iMac 14,3,
OS 10.15.7).
None of them work.
I think there is a problem with your web page – when you click on the
listed folder/link, they appear briefly and then immediately
collapse/disappear. The file(s) cannot be accessed/opened in this way.
While your suggestion is more 'right-minded' than the alternative, I cannot
access the value of your listing.

Also, I recall that Jose, Francisco, and Mario had a similar project in
mind (http://glossarium.bitrum.unileon.es/glossary) but it never seemed to
'get off the ground'.(?) So, you and *I* have both thought of this but we
are not the first . . . STILL such a project is of absolute vital
importance!!! My own small effort toward this end, as you know, was given
in my 2021 IS4SI talk and related papers (https://youtu.be/2rS9uT08YP8).

Please correct/update your ITHEA web page so I can view the information.

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Marcus Abundis
[image: http://]about.me/marcus.abundis
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