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Marcus Abundis 55mrcs at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 10:02:16 CET 2021

Stan – What you are now suggesting
> It is a formal matching only.<
is far different from your earlier
> Entropy applies everywhere, and always in the same way.<

Base differences between formal (conceptual) and practical
(empiric) roles, I believe, are equally well-known to careful
readers in physics. For example, *theoretical* physics uses
‘E’ as a generic expression of energy, with no reference to
any of the 16 acdepted forms of energy, as in E = mc^2 . . .
‘F’ for a generic expression of force with no reference to any
of the four fundamental forces as in F = ma.

As such, these conceptual views are wholly removed from
classic *empiric* concepts. It is due to this imprecision in
any theoretical view that things must be *empirically*
verified – which then makes it a ‘science’. Yes, I can understand
why you would wish to pass on commenting further on physics.

That said, the same applies to vague formal references to
*everything* everywhere having a statistical (entropic) nature.
I am not sure this comment has much ‘meaning’ (pun wholly
intended) – as Shannon and Weaver plainly saw.

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