[Fis] Informatic Principles (redux)

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Mon Sep 14 10:35:35 CEST 2020

Greetings all,

In the interest of reinvigorating the prior discussion of informational
principles, I herein post *my* notions of two initial informatic principles
(A & B below). These principles incorporate aspects of other authors' ideas
(as noted back in June) . . . but presented in a differed format.

As a bit of fun, any individual able to negate/refute (on FIS) either of
these two principles – I offer a reward (via Paypal): the prize of 2 beers,
or two cups of coffee, for you and a friend, at local prices. I live in
Switzerland so this amounts to roughly 10CHF/Euro.

If enough interest is seen here, in these two initial principles, I will
follow with further informatic principles . . .

(Nature Born Informational [generating and using] Systems)


*A. Principle of S-O Dualism* (relational logic, meaning is central).
In *all cases*, information marks:

   - identifiable (O)bjects [fermions, matter, genes, agents, memes, crude
   ideas, etc. as ‘nouns’],
   - inter-acting [bosons, fundamental forces, energy, interpretation, etc.
   as ‘verbs’] with other Os,
   - yielding topical (S)ubjects as ‘about-ness’, meaning, ‘how O interacts
   (S) with O’, innate computation, knowledge, etc.

For example, {1  2  3} as Os in a hypothetical void, versus ‘1 + 2 = 3’
implies ‘+’ and ‘=’ enact about-ness or meaning (S). This *meaningful*
mathematical role parallels Signal Entropy, counter to Shannon's innate
anti-semantic claim. Alternatively, ‘pure Os’ with no context as {x x x}
are truly meaningless.

*B. Principle of Joined S-O Identity* (coincident O-S-O
*Ontology* - Os interacting (S) with Os become identifiable. Conversely,
unmatched Os are not identifiable (S): O and (S) are coincident – a
dual-material aspect, ontological a priori O-S-O.
*Epistemology* - An O-S-O ‘event’ in cause-and-effect full-ness is ‘the
thing in itself’ (das Ding an sich): a Directly epistemic [no
interpretation needed, materially self-evident] functional ‘primary event’.
*Coincidence/Coeval* - ontology and epistemology occur simultaneously in
material realms, but can be 'logically parsed' as part of an agent's
informatic experience (as cause and effect).
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