[Fis] Cultural Relativsm

Joseph Brenner joe.brenner at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 21 13:14:12 CET 2020

Dear Some,


This note is to denounce a principle of cultural relativism that has crept
into the Lecture discussion. The concept that opposing points of view are
always equally valid is a form of crypto-fascism that for me is totally
unacceptable. It is Trump's "there are good guys on the other side", which
included the murderers of a demonstrator. Does anyone on the list want to
suggest that clitorectomies are acceptable because "it's part of the
culture"? I do not intend to include responses to such notes in my final
summary. If this position is not to the liking of some members, they can
erase my future messages, as I have theirs.





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