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Is cultural-hyper-relativism intellectual disinformation or just
Does it depend on whether the intention is to mislead or just persuade?
What if the purveyor is a believer who is selfishly trying to get people to
agree with his theory?
Ah, the complex subtlety of the role of intent.

Are there metadata that might correlate with the intent behind
Assessing this would the analogue to using galvanic skin response and heart
rate for lie detection.
I.e. an index that would automatically update with each replication to
provide a crude "reliability rating" linked to each message.
Though fallible and defeatable it could be a first mode of alert - like the
initial pause when you answer a robocall.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 4:14 AM Joseph Brenner <joe.brenner at bluewin.ch>

> Dear Some,
> This note is to denounce a principle of cultural relativism that has crept
> into the Lecture discussion. The concept that opposing points of view are
> always equally valid is a form of crypto-fascism that for me is totally
> unacceptable. It is Trump’s “there are good guys on the other side”, which
> included the murderers of a demonstrator. Does anyone on the list want to
> suggest that clitorectomies are acceptable because “it’s part of the
> culture”? I do not intend to include responses to such notes in my final
> summary. If this position is not to the liking of some members, they can
> erase my future messages, as I have theirs.
> Joseph
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