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Hi Jose,

> On 24 Oct 2019, at 16:52, jose luis perez velazquez <jlpvjlpv en gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hola.  I cannot help but commenting that, regarding your point 3- The hypercommunication paradox, it is reminiscent of what we see in the nervous system, too much communication (in our case we study synchrony) is bad, too little is equally bad, healthy communication requires medium values... Ramon and I expounded this topic in the last January's New year lecture, if you may recall. I always enjoy when same phenomenon may emerge  in very different levels, in this case  from neurons to "civilised” societies

This reminds me a theory I made about good and bad parents.

Bad parents are those who say always “No” to their kids, or always “Yes”.

Good parents are those giving a reasonable amount of (senseful) “yes” and “no”.

I did not relate this with information content, but here too, things go well when the kids get a reasonable amount of mixed “yes” and “no” (high information content).

To be sure there are also the ultra-bad (perverse) parents, which gives a reasonable amount of “yes” and “no”, but in a perverse way making “yes” and “no” losing their content. That case is more rare, of course.

It takes energy/information to rise well the kids, but, fortunately perhaps, it takes also energy/information for destroying them. Note that only in the case of good and ultra-bad parent does the *content* of information plays a role.


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