[Fis] Fis Digest, Vol 61, Issue 9 (Please, be more realistic)

Michel Petitjean petitjean.chiral at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 14:02:39 CEST 2019

Dear All,
We receive "information" from family, teachers, TV, journals,
internet, preachers, and so on.
I am ready to discuss about information in the context of religious
beliefs and other beliefs, and I am ok to hear about information in
such contexts on the FIS forum.
The contrast is considerable between the FIS forum and what is stated
by many Churches: "no doubt about what is taught: divin laws apply;
doubting is a sin" (doubting deserves blame, and sometimes death, as
say some fanatics).
It was true along the past centuries, and alas it is still true now at
many places.
Older are the "fake news", more people believe in them.
Many people doubt about the validity of the content of recent books,
but, for older books such that holy scriptures, it is amazing to see
that so few people doubt about the validity of their content: their
content IS true.
Well, I forget that there are several contents and that the hundred of
millions of believers disagree between themselves.
At least many millions of believers should be wrong, if not all :)
Are my words shocking?
If yes, apologies.
It is ok to discuss information in scientific contexts (include social
sciences, humanities, etc.), but if you prefer to discuss about
information from a religious point of view, it is ok, too.
You may decide.

Michel Petitjean
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Le sam. 5 oct. 2019 à 12:26, Malcolm Dean <malcolmdean en gmail.com> a écrit :
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>> Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2019 12:02:45 +0300
>> From: "Krassimir Markov" <markov en foibg.com>
>> To: "Malcolm Dean" <malcolmdean en gmail.com>, "FIS"
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>> Subject: [Fis] Please, be more realistic!
>> Dear Malcolm,
>> "religious, mythical or esoteric kinds of thoughts" belong to the class of believing.
>> Believing is nice psychological condition but not constructive and useful.
>> For instance, I believe that I am a rich man, but unfortunately in real I am not!
>> Because of this I could not take part in very interesting FIS and IS4IS conferences!
>> Please, be more realistic!
>> Friendly greetings
>> Krassimir
> My point is that even if your bias is accepted as absolutely true, just for one moment, that does not excuse any definition of Information from having to explain their origins and functions.
> Dismissing them as beliefs, psychological conditions, and "not constructive and useful" is not itself "constructive or useful." It is your opinion and worldview.
> If you can explain how these kinds of thoughts originate and function, then you have the beginning of scientific dialogue. Otherwise, not. And such an explanation, for the purpose of this forum, should be limited to the nature of Information, and not other hypotheses such as we can find in Anthropology and Evolutionary Psychology.
> Malcolm Dean
> Editor: How Information Creates Its Observer (Lerner 2019)
> Member, Higher Cognitive Affinity Group, BRI
> Research Affiliate, Human Complex Systems, UCLA
> So it is necessary for you to be abreast of everything; on the one hand, the unshakable heart of well-rounded truth, and, on the other, the opinions of mortals, in which there is no true conviction. (Parmenides, Fragment 24)
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