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Dear Joseph,

Thanks for the response. For me the event was quite curious, the 
opportunity to watch some parties close to the "guru" category, to 
respire the atmosphere of Silicon Valley, and also the opportunity to 
watch the steady advancement of our Chinese colleagues. Indeed the 
organization of a strong (IS4SI) National Chapter like they have done, 
could be suggestive for Europeans and US parties. Don't you think that 
we should promote these "continentals" arrangements? A similar US 
Chapter a EU Chapter --each one with its own thinking style and focus-- 
would provide more leverage for the common "Study of Information", 
including the foundations of information science and information 
philosophy as well.

About changing the titles of strings, it depends! In some cases it looks 
better to maintain them (e.g. for people who could be interested in 
later consult) and in others it is better to clarify it is a different 

Best wishes--Pedro

El 01/10/2019 a las 18:32, Joseph Brenner escribió:
> Dear Pedro,
> Thank you for all the good work! From All, I really look forward to 
> some impressions from Berkeley, having missed it.
> I agree with three messages per week, and take this opportunity to ask 
> a question about their titles. From time to time, if it looks as 
> though a long string of messages is starting, I change the title of 
> mine to make it more specific. Is this desirable or undesirable?
> Best wishes,
> Joseph
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> Dear FIS & IS4SI Colleagues,
> We start this 23rd year of activities in the list with the novelty 
> commented in my last message: the incorporation of IS4SI Board 
> members. We will count with a network of a dozen correspondents or so 
> who will keep all of us updated on a variety of fields belonging to 
> "the study of information" on a seasonal basis. Of course all members 
> of the list are invited to participate in this periodic informative 
> contact too. Whatever matters to our common interest on information 
> might be reflected by someone in the list.  The new purpose is that 
> this list becomes not only an arena of discussion, as we have so much 
> accumulated in the past (see 
> https://fis.sciforum.net/fis-discussion-sessions/ ), but also a 
> dynamic repository of exciting ideas & criticisms, of relevant 
> scholarship of articles and bibliography, of new insights on 
> contemporary problems, etc. Everyone in his/her style, we  could work 
> as a collective intelligence trying to make better sense of our 
> strange times.
> For a start I would suggest a rough evaluation  of the past meeting in 
> Berkeley (could it be possible some comment from your side, Terry?). 
> It was really an experience listening to technological avantgarde's 
> prognostics & criticisms. Possible exits to the contemporary 
> crossroads are difficult to foretell... In my opinion, a monumental 
> misunderstanding of information underlies a good portion of the 
> conceptual disorientation among the cognoscenti. I will try to argue 
> more concretely about this along the debates of this New Course. The 
> new inscribed parties may present themselves and produce their 
> arguments when they wish (with the traditional limitation of two 
> messages per week).
> But we are far less people than before in the list (sadly the 
> University of Zaragoza's mindless application of the European Law on 
> Data Protection decimated this list), so to facilitate the new 
> functioning, maybe relaxing the two messages per week could be a good 
> idea now. What about putting the limit in three messages per week?
> Finally, to the group of veteran FISers who have spent 20 years or 
> more in this list, a strong hug. Let us hope the new venture with 
> IS4SI will mean a new horizon of creativity and influence for our 
> long-term project.
> Best regards
> --Pedro
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