[Fis] Report on Berkeley/vacation times

Pedro C. Marijuan pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es
Wed Jul 17 13:45:53 CEST 2019

Dear FISers,

Just to provide some interesting contents for these vacation weeks, I 
include herein fragments of a very useful compendium that Annette 
Grathoff (at the IS4SI Secretariat) made on the presentations of the 
Berkeley Conference.

/Here is a portfolio of links to pictures of some of the Keynote 
speakers together with the topics of their presentations so that you can 
find them using the link below to a collection of youtube videos with 
all keynote presentations:/

* Deacon.png 
*“Perfecting Behaviorism: Neural Nets as Subjects and Trainers”
** Duguid.png 
*„Connecting the Dots? ´Information´ in Historical Perspective“
** Harris.png 
*„Humane: A New Direction for Tech“
** Heylighen.png 
*„* *Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to a Global 
** Hylton.png 
*„Thermodynamic Computing“
** Lanier.png 
*„In Defense of Dualism“
** Leijnen.png 
*„A Taxonomy of the Neural Network Zoo“
** Mitchell.png 
“The Barrier of Meaning”
** Olshausen.png 
*„Getting the ´I´ into AI Some Clues from Biology and Mathematics“
** Saffo.png 
*„Lost in a Forest of Exponentials“*

/You can find a Youtube playlist of videos of keynote speeches and a 
panel discussion (between Heylighen, Leijnen, Olshausen, Mitchell and 
Verschure) here:/


Needless to say that outdoors of the conference there were very exciting 
exchanges. For instance, the idea of a possible "manifesto" on the 
crossroads that AI and IT have reached. The rarefied social polarization 
within many societies, the accumulation of economic & communication 
power in the hands of a few parties--almost adolescents!-- and the 
strange contest for world hegemony between countries and their flagship 
companies do constitute a new, strange panorama. "The Information New 
Order". Indeed, more advanced information core ideas are needed to get 
ahead our with collective views, and even to orientate oneself...
Anyhow, have a good time, or enter your discussion themes or personal 
presentations into the list if you wish, and let us prepare for the New 

Best wishes to all

PS. Remember that the archives of fis list may be found at the Unizar 
register: http://listas.unizar.es/pipermail/fis/
And also more systematically ordered by discussion sessions 

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