[Fis] Cooperation FIS list & IS4SI Board

Pedro C. Marijuan pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es
Thu Jul 4 13:52:43 CEST 2019

Dear FISers,

One of the outcomes of the recent IS4SI meeting in Berkeley was the 
proposal to integrate more efficiently the workings of our FIS 
discussion list and the IS4SI Board. The idea was to provide a dedicated 
board for the systematic maintenance of our discussions (rather poor  
rhythm of exchanges after the decimation of the list by the European Law 
on Data Protection) and at the same time to contribute to community 
making among the board members and the list subscribers. With an 
approximate periodicity of every yearly season, board members will send 
their impressions, comments, news, etc. on the different  areas of 
information studies--or they will participate in the ongoing 
discussions, or will propose new ones... FIS badly needed a dedicated 
board, and the IS4SI board badly needed the sense of community that the 
regular exchange contributes to. This proposal was recently approved by 
the IS4SI Board, almost unanimously, and will be implemented soon. After 
vacations we will see how it starts its works. It will be great 
listening to new voices and opening our list to new informational topics.

Best wishes to all,


Pedro C. Marijuán
Grupo de Bioinformación / Bioinformation Group

pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es

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