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Dear Pedro,

please allow me to raise a dissenting voice to the content of following

*“…On the other hand, no general theory for large non-equilibrium systems
exists.  The legendary Hungarian mathematician John Von Neuman once
referred to the theory of non-equilibrium systems as the “theory of
non-elephants” meaning there could be no unique theory of such a vast area
of science.” *(Per Bak, How Nature Works)
In fact, the theory has been brought to you since some 24 years, as a
sequence of suggestions, proposals, models, initiatives, encouragements,
requests and so forth,  that observing the interaction between sequences
and mixtures  is opening up a new door to a completely fresh view of the
interrelations among the parts of the world. The principles deducted from
models that employ such elements which are distinguishable and concurrently
both contemporaneously and sequentially labeled (as opposed to all models
known hereto, which each use elements that are indistinguishable and either
sequential or contemporary), these principles are valid and actually at
work in Nature, on all echelles, from the subatomar to the galactic .

I include the abstract I submitted to IS4SI, as part of the FIS track, and
hope that the colleagues will participate in bringing recgnition to the
collaborative work that has gon on in this FIS chatroom since 1997. The
abstract describes, in the form of a general theory, large non-equilibrium
systems. By including that part of the world, which is not the case, the
theory encompasses elephants and non-elephants concurrently.


*Algorithm Ruling Information Transfer in Genetics Found*

The arithmetic behind why triplets and why four variants of logical markers
are used by Nature to translate arrangements across the number of
dimensions has been found. The DNA is a linear sequence, which points out
properties of an assembly that is more than three dimensional. The logical
arrows that point out one specific linear arrangement of logical markers to
be equivalent to one specific step in the assembly of a multidimensional
assembly, the living organism, have been found to be connected, naturally,
to procedures of re-sequencing. Our counting system is based on the
principle of using similar, equivalent, identically formed units. A change
of perspectives is needed to see, how assemblies made up of differing
objects show similarities in their movement patterns as the sequence the
objects are presently in, gets reordered into a different sequence. The key
word is “cycles”: that is, the group of elements that move together during
a reorder, connecting elements, their places and properties with an inner,
linear sequence of the succession in which the members of the corpus of the
cycle follow each other. The sequence Nature uses to transmit information
turns up after some sequencing and re-sequencing as the basic structure of
space. The message refers to which of the axes’ combination is relevant in
the twice 3planes that constitute space. The axes are readings of the
values of the logical sentence *a+b=c*. Which molecule (amino acid) will
attach when/where depends on the characteristics of space: that is, the
characteristics of the planes that constitute space. Molecular geometry
will establish, how comprehensively described logical archetypes allow
recognising, which aspects result in matching with, answering to, fitting
in of the molecules onto a plane of which the axes are, say,
*(a+b,a;2b-a,a)* as opposed to, say, *(a+b,b;2b-a,2a-b)*.
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