[Fis] Shannon-Weavers' Levels A, B, C.

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Thu Oct 15 07:10:45 CEST 2015

Hey Mark,
    Sorry if I confused things by commenting on Bateson AND THEN
Shannon-Weaver. In my mind those were two different matters, and did not
merit my calling them out as such.

In general . . .
    I too never saw Shanon-Weaver's Levels A, B, C as complete. In fact, I
thought that portrayal as barely (oddly) half-hearted, in contrast to the
allusion to a needed "theory of meaning." Still, I will dig into the work
Loet and Bob reference . . . and see if I can find some personal

    ALSO, I found myself wondering if I should somehow try to tie Steven's
sense of locality in with the notion of Levels A, B, C. Perhaps they are
not specific enough in order to do so – not sure.

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