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Then we need to consider which life cycle we are going to investigate.  One conversation? The duration of conference?, etc.

  Cycles are really enigmatic. Listening to the same old story repeating itself may sound tedious. However, there is one exception. If each turn of repetition is affinitive in recruiting something new from the outside while replacing some of the predecessor already there, the cycle can constantly be updated. The whole enterprise is empirically structural. In addition,  repeating oneself can be guaranteed even on the thermodynamic ground alone. If adiabatic processes are allowed to intervene, they can assume two roles at the same time. One is to feed upon the available resources as fast as possible. One more is to install a highly complicated pathway of energy flow full of cycles to dissipate the intake at the similar fast rate so as to make both ends of the inlet and outlet to meet. While the intake of the resources proceeds through the surface of the organized whole of those cycles, the dissipation takes place in the entire volume of the organization. Thus, enhancing the volume of the organized web of those cycles may be a natural consequence for meeting the greater rate of resource intake. Of course, chemistry can provide a lot of material hardware to implement such a prescient web of cycles. 





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