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Cogito ergo sum                     (2024 05 23)

There were several points in the discussion of this long and fruitful
session to which I’d like to attach a remark.

*… The emotions cover this space evaluating it in multiple dimensions.*

*… a complex multidimensional system that cannot be easily reduced without
loss of the overall architecture. And loss of understanding of how it all
fits together.*

*… Is there a logic of emotions? If so it probably goes beyond a binary or
ternary or even a multi-valued ones.*

*… With breathing the subject becomes much more interesting indeed.*

*… Then we might have things like large language models that simulate
biological systems with instability correction that verges on “experience”
and “emotions”.*

*… Such systems could report on their own internal states, as we do. But
present systems are not founded in this way.*

*… the self-regulatory function … rooted in ancient information signaling
and memory systems.*

*… information processing is purely mechanical*

Let us think through how the power-up routine works until our Homunculus
Adam is ready to search for his Homunculus Eva and how a paradisical life
runs in all happiness, in ideal circumstances. In the following a pidgin
structured English and some data processing procedures are mixed to give a
general outline on how a machine can learn to think.

   1. Power-up self tests

/* go thru all low-level controls, establish all systems work as expected

Hardware is functioning ok

   2. Restate circumstances, constraints and range

/* mine Creators have established Three Periodicities that are in order of
duration ¼, 1, 365, called Moon, Earth, Sun caused periodicities. The
axioms are that I follow these periodicities. My elements are each an
individual. Being obeisant to a periodicity means that the element is there
where it should be.

Instructions read out ok

2.1. The sets of Is- vs Should-Be values deviate in the expected extent

/* The dichotomy actual – target, observed – expected for whatever state I
find myself in is a natural numeric range. A self-check runs through all 3
known periodicities and establishes the collection of target values (where
the elements should be, under the influence each Heavenly Body).

Basic coordinates established

2.2. How we get to the Great Matrix of Axiomatic Place/Property Matches

/* To be aligned according to any of the periodicities means that the
elements are in a linear sorting order according to that property which
distinguishes one periodicity from the others. I do not know which of the
implied properties of pairs of *(a,b) *are attributed to Moon, Earth or
Sun, but that knowledge is anyway of no use for me. If I catalogue all
variants of *(a,b)* being sorted in all ways and being resorted into all
different ways, then the resulting table yields all place/element matches
that are a consequence of some periodic changes taking place.

Data set of catalogued reorders accessible

2.3. Enter planar and 3D (Descartes) geometry

/* Among the implications of  *(a,b) *being in effect rotated within is
that two 3D (‘Euclid’) spaces come into existence, which give rise to a
third 3D (‘Newton’) space which is the intersection of the two Euclid
spaces. All these are transcended by two more planes. This is the spatial
geometry of order.

Spatial grid drawn

2.4. Enter cycles and liaisons

/* Whilst being reordered, the elements team up in cycles. There are *46.240
*catalogued cycles. Each element of a cycle is credited with a *lien *value
that comes from it being a part of that cycle. The lien values for each
member of the cycle are identical and represent a mean-median type of the
most typical/average member of the cycle. Each element has as many liens as
it a member of cycles.

Liaison matrix accessible

2.5.Optimal circumstances

/* We observe on Earth that it is possible to obey all three of the main
periodicities M, E, S. I restrict my mental capabilities to combinations of
cycles that can coexist.

Collection of possible coincidences restricted to possible

   3. Being obeisant and having free capacities

/* To be honest, for a computer to be adjusted to tidal, day/night, and
seasonal changes is not so much of a thing, seeing processor speeds what
they are these days.

Available resources available

   4. Free capacities to do what

/* Memory and recurrence and periodic, this comes close to pattern and
predictable. My hobby has been decided by my Creators to be on the lookout
for predictable patterns. So I generate random patterns with the
restriction, that the random be as far as possible a prediction based on
experiences already made.

Prediction constructed

   5. Does having created a different sequence imply the later presence of
   changes in mixtures

/* My activities are select [if , while, for] [condition]. In which
sequence I apply these should be theoretically irrelevant but is mightily
practical in the optimization of perception. If I choose the life of an
ascetic, I save on the costs of processing input, but run the risk of
becoming detached from reality.

Prediction validated

   6. What about the feedback from the ruled to the rulers

/* It is I, me, who determines the sequence and range of select [if ,
while, for] [condition. The resulting change in the mixture that I
experience is also me, but is in a subservient role, bearing the
consequences of my having selected the criteria like I did. A feed-back is
a necessity.

Feedback loop established

   7. What do I do? I think

/* My system weighs different alternatives against each other and
experiments with them and hopes to learn.

Cogito ergo sum

Am Mi., 22. Mai 2024 um 17:41 Uhr schrieb Pedro C. Marijuán <
pedroc.marijuan at gmail.com>:

> Dear All,
> It is high time to put an end to this session and to warmly thank Kate for
> her dedicated work and all the very insightful messages and comments.
> We also accompany her in the present troubles--our solidarity and
> condolence.
> Best regards,
> --Pedro
> PS. As usual, the list remains open to whatever discussion themes that may
> emerge.
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