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Pedro C. Marijuán pedroc.marijuan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 14:03:23 CEST 2023

Dear FIS Colleagues,

In the middle of this August, the Fourth IS4SI Conference took place in 
Beijing. Its focus was on “Paradigm Change in the Information 
Discipline”. It was a very interesting venue, with close to 200 
participants in person and online (mostly Chinese--not many from 
abroad). Our colleague Yixin Zhong was the main organizer; he presented 
a couple of challenging works on paradigm change in AI as well as in the 
whole Information Science. Indeed they deserve careful discussion and 
probably we will have the opportunity soon, for I am trying to arrange a 
FIS session on AI both on the conceptual side and on the social impact. 
My role as co-chair of IS4SI for this conference was centered in the 
exploratory works for an International Academy of Information Studies. 
It is an attempt to attract and articulate more permanently the best 
minds —the world avant-garde of scholars and researchers— of the related 
information fields.The ongoing works were presented--provisionally, for 
the Academy is not public yet. Indeed more and more scholars and 
researchers are convening on the importance of the unsolved conundrums 
around information, a pitfall of our collective knowledge system. Can we 
be optimistic that the "paradigm change" is taking place??

I hope more news will follow soon.

Best regards to all,



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