[Fis] Fwd: Explanation about the publication of works inspired by the 2021 Summit

Karl Javorszky karl.javorszky at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 16:26:08 CET 2023

Agree with Marcus.

It would be nice to parse the contributions accepted so far. One could see
in what style these are.

Can you give an url to the publication in its present state, please.

(My contribution would be a remembrance and partly an obituary of Mark,
reflection on his input during the formulation of my natural numbers and
combinatorics based approach.)

Marcus Abundis <55mrcs en gmail.com> schrieb am Sa., 25. März 2023, 15:01:

> Dear Pedro, Marcin, and Wolfgang,
>> I am a bit confused – earlier I made two identic abstract submissions,
>> twice requested of me, around my talk at IS4SI 2021; beyond my original
>> application submission.
>> How do I know if what I submitted is already received/included(?) – of
>> the 4 papers and 18 abstracts you say you already have?
>> Alternatively . . . it sounds like you are NOW looking for new
>> submissions? *inspired* by IS4SI 2021 (per the attached MS Word document).
>> I do not recall seeing such a CFP (in November 2022?) for new material .
>> . . or perhaps someone just decided to exclude me from distribution?
>> No idea . . . a little clarification is appreciated.
>> Thanks – Marcus
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