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  Is was a revelatory for me to watch the filmed interactions between a great white shark and a fisherman who saved her life  by cutting away the fish netting that entangled her that took a very long time..  
  The shark for days wanted to be close to this man.She rolled over on her belly for him to stroke her. Every day he went out to fish she would appear and want to close to him. 
  Clearly emotions are part of the shared genetically selected evolutionary development path that even a supposed heartless  killing machine predator gratitude, love, tenderness. 
  The enormous complexity of the human mind body system mediated by an ensemble of hormonal signals suggests a few points to me: 
  That emergence is the summary expression of emotion and thought is driven by chaotic dynamics where the stabilizing logistic curve of moderation and negative entropy is overtaken by strange attractors mediated by hormonal signals and the volume and intensity of informational flows. The strange attractors leading to the realization of conscious thought. 
  Strange attractors I suggest are the root of emergence of new thoughts and ideas and summary judgements.  
  Social theorist me was pondering the implications $90 trillion to be invested global transformation toward renewable energy and thinking how to make all energy users also become energy owns of  the renewable energy systems they used. After much typically unconscious deliberation the idea leaped to my mind that we could use tax equity as a means to transfer ownership to energy users who have contracted for renewable energy supply. 
  This was a repurposing of the dark arts of finance for social benefit. Our species and our brains have evolved to take advantage of the exquisite complexity of our complex information resources that lead toward amazing things like a patent clerk staring at the window and watching the trains and first conceptualizing and then writing equations for  the Special Theory of Relativity. Our social existence and our language ability then resonates globally through billions of creative minds. To reduce the complexity of the human mind as just another programed computer is another and most popular philosophical category error to confuse wiring code instructing a machine  with the zettabytes of information in dynamic and shifting action of the human brain. 
  The need to make quick summary judgements transmuted into taking action even before conscious thought take consciousness clearly evolutionarily selected. Once upon a time I was cutting down an old triple trunk dead elm tree in my farm pasture with a chain saw in my youthful foolishness. Aa I cut though one of the trunks, the but of the tree hinged to the other two suddenly swung back up toward my head. I jumped back before the thought that I could get killed came to consciousness. That's similar to pulling your hand off a hot stove before the pain signal makes your scream or shout. 
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