[Fis] Super-Intelligence and Information Theory (15 January 2023 talk)

Marcus Abundis 55mrcs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 11:51:13 CET 2022

Earlier I posted a note on my recently finished Super-Intelligence talk –
to be discussed by an artificial general intelligence group in Seattle, WA.
For those interested, the discussion is scheduled for 15 January. The link
for that Meetup announcement is:


Lastly, I am working on my next talk, for submission to NeurIPS 2023,
titled 'Entropy – A Scientific Base for Super-Intelligence'. The link for
this DRAFT is:
This talk re-frames Shannon and Boltzmann notions of 'entropy', toward
Super-Intelligence. The prior/above talk is more general in nature. For
those inclined, comments on that draft are appreciated. I will update the
draft at least weekly.

Thank you,

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