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Mon Feb 28 20:52:21 CET 2022

Dear Mark, Dear Marcin, Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Today Switzerland gave up its otherwise precious neutrality, and two major sports organizations, FIFA and the International Olympic Committee, excluded Russian members and athletes. The Russian Director and Conductor of the prestigious Verbier Music Festival in Switzerland was fired.
Many of us have positions in and relations to Russian scientific bodies and publications as authors, editors, reviewers and publishers. The question is whether individually or collectively, these relations should be terminated. The argument can be made that this would tend to be a hardship for and isolate our friends in Russia even further. For me, the counterargument is that any pressure that makes the Russian regime less viable internationally and, temporarily, isolated should be exerted.
We are fortunate in having Mark Burgin and Marcin Schroeder at the head of our initiatives. Before making any moves, given their direct knowledge of that part of the world, I ask them for their guidance.
Thank you and best wishes to all,
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