[Fis] Trajectories and Regimes in Research: Evolutionary Theory of Citation?

Marcus Abundis 55mrcs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 08:57:40 CEST 2022

> Dear Loet, Lin and Paul,
> I looked at your PDF and I confess it was not so accessible for me. It
> seems written for a specific audience with a given background. Still, I
> believe I follow the gist of your project, but without useful detail (I
> have no real background). That said, I add some thoughts you *may* find
> useful – offered as a potential user of outputs produced by the process you
> propose.
> Background:
> – my focus is mostly reductive, an a priori theory of meaning that builds
> directly on Shannon Signal Entropy.
> – I offered such a theory at IS4SI 2021, and now focus on a ‘next step’ of
> using that theory to frame a practical AGI (artificial general
> intelligence, or super-intelligence). Toward that end . . .
> – One thing needed to support AGI is a comprehensive map of ‘what is
> known’ and ‘what remains to be known’. Such a map (as I envision *might* be
> produced by your project) would be a key starting point for AGI, allowing
> one to target work toward addressing logical gaps (as seen in the
> literature).
> – the ‘how’ of advancing AGI is my current focus, but this must also
> include naming a ‘what’ as AGI’s target(s). It is this WHAT that I envision
> your project (or something akin to it) may help, as a likely likely ‘tree
> of knowledge’ (including underlying dynamics) to support advancing AGI,
> toward targeted goals.
> It is from this vista that I posted my earlier note.
> I hope you find something useful in this added detail. Of coursee, any
> thoughts you have to share are appreciated. And in any case, I wish you the
> best with your project.
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