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*Lamentations about a Worldview*

Dear Colleagues,

During the *transition period*, „The King is dead. Long live the King!”
there is, like in all cases of loss and bereavement, a sequel of phases of
grief. The first phase is characterised by a stunned silence, called

We have to say Adieux to quite a lot of our basic concepts as we open the
doors to dual, and later multilateral, counting. It is impossible to avoid
utilising counting techniques which are more developed and sophisticated
than those having been with us since long, in use up till today. We have to
update to a more versatile counting system, because biology can only be
explained by using systems of relations – that is, logic, algorithms,
mathematics – that are richer in shades than the usual {true, false} way of
determining the sense and reason of an idea.


In 2012/2013 there was a series of twelve articles in FIS, with the title
Learn to Count in Twelve Easy Steps. (The content can be accessed
www.tautomat.com). The elaborate essay did not stir too much water, which
is the optimal result for a follower of the old maxim *bene wixit bene qui
latuit. *No resonance means also no shit storm. That was the good part of
the serene reception of the innovative methods. The sorry part of not
raising awareness is that nothing happens, the zombies keep ruling, the
courtiers keep doing their thing and the peasants forgo technical aids,
which they could have, which they actually wish for. There is a need for a
new system of dependencies among words depicting concepts. Science has made
great progress by empirical methods. Small patches, like empirically
acquired knowledge, how to splice the genom and manipulate it, may help,
but these are but landmarks in a world of which a general topography is
still missing. The old concept has to yield – preferably by melting into
the general view as one of special cases, like Newton’s concept of space
and mass has melted into Einstein’s, the face-saving explanation being that
Newton describes what happens if the speeds and masses are in the normal,
garden variety, room temperature, range. A similar task is attempted here.
If the Leadership and the Participants in this learned society do not
object, a longish essay shall be begun today, consisting of several aspects
of what we have to drop, and mourn, before we can begin using our mental
faculties in a manner that is suited to create, communicate, discuss
descriptions of facts observed in the field of biology.

*Loss One: Unitary ideas*

Giordano Bruno’s Of the Cause, Principle and Unit uses the words not in
plural. There is *one *of each, 1 cause, 1 principle and 1 unit.
Unification in a socio-cultural sense has been the theme of the centuries
XIX and XX, and the attractivity of the idea may still persist in some
circles even today. A unified explanation is surely better than many,
partly inconsistent ones. Without norms and common measures, industry would
break down. A unified counting and measuring system is the basis for all
communication in science.

Unity will have to yield to Duality and Trinity. In fact, the fundamentals
are: *two* of each: concepts, ideas, axes, elementary units, spaces,
interpretations. To understand this, one has to understand that in our
brain *two* pictures are generated, one for each eye, out of which we merge
the unitary, third picture. The duality is archaic to unity. Unity is the
devolved idea, the a priori fact is that there is something and its
negation, which are together *two* monads.

We may bewail the One, Indivisible idea for its emotional nourishment
value. Exactitude is a survival tool, a competition advantage in evolution.
If mother and child can identify each other, by hitting the exact match
between remembered and perceived stimuli, they gain survival advantages, at
least in that branch of the life tree on which we reside. The finding of
identity is heavily rewarded by the physiology of the brain, it makes
pleasure to find the one, right solution. Ants do not have to go that far
in unique identifications of states of sets (a specific neuro-physiological
state), so they would not pontificate that extensively about the virtues
and pleasures of finding that one, exclusive, nonpareil case among the
alternatives as we mammals do.

It is good that we can count down from *many *to *one*, but we must end our
amorous habit, almost a drive, of overdoing it. Kant has overdone his
stepwise ripping off of peculiarities from the object. The *victory* of
coming to an end in the procedure of abstracting properties away from an
object is a *defeat *for the ability to manage abstract objects. If one has
polished his marbles so much to the extreme that they are indistinguishable
among each other, one has annihilated a business of trading in marbles.
Imagine Kant as a viticulturist. The whole concept of the unitary unit
thing smells after Orwell’s 1984. It is simply forbidden, actually made
impossible, to talk about sequences, because the units making up the
sequence are indistinguishable among each other. No wonder, then, that
scientists have troubles understanding the sequence of the DNA. They have
an inner censure against imagining the tokens as different. Differing
families and biotopes of realisations in differing swarms of possibilities
can not be thought of, because we the units are nameless before the King of

In the garden variety of space, one will observe conflicts and crowding
outs between the two actually existing subspaces A and B (the fluidity of
language requires calling these two constitutive spaces “subspaces”, as the
correct denomination: “the two a priori spaces that together give partial
raise to the concept of one, encompassing space /which we know to be our
regular, Newton space/” would be too cumbersome) within the meta-space
which is our neurologically created image of one space. The magnetic
attraction and repulsion observation shows the existence of two spaces,
which can or can not be merged into each other, in dependence of the
direction of the action. If the contents of the spaces can be merged, place
attributes’ exactitude increases, if not, the thing goes up in flames. How
the electrons are created and pushed away by rotating suitable objects near
other suitable objects, shall be a subject of a next lamentation. Here, we
say farewell to the unified, unitary concept as the main ordering
principle, and welcome a basic duality, of which a triality, which depicts
our Newton space, can me merged. We shall also touch later on the two
transcending planes which go across both subspaces and their integrated
descendant. These two planes appear to lend themselves easily as tools of
explaining the electro-magnetic or magneto-electric phenomena. In the new
concept, there are two central points, around which very similar and
comparable webs exist, made up of predictions about where things are under
which circumstances. Two bee swarms around two hives, of which our brain
makes one hive with one swarm around it. Our brain relies on the fact that
the bees do indeed act in very many ways as if they belonged to one and the
same swarm.

*To summarise:* We have to accept the loss of our ancient and wise *Dàzibào,
*big-character poster, *Unity Is Strength* and replace it by *Duality Is
Factual*in biology. Some students may also have raised disrespectfully *Unity
Is Illusion, Unity Is Impractical, Unity Means Some Do That What Others Say*
or *Unity Is Demagogic Opium for the Masses, Overdoing Unity Results In
Fractures* and more of such, in the time-honoured tradition of some
students displaying pointed slogans. We have to say goodbye to the Paradise
of All Unified and get prepared to enter a world of conflicts and
cooperation, success and failure, not only true or false. That the binary
world actually exists, is demonstrated by the *two *strings of the DNA, and
that such a world is made up not entirely of sorrow, we recognise as we
meet a person of the opposite sex, which is normally a pleasing experience.
Down with sexless unipolarism, long live constructive duality!
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