[Fis] invitation to a workshop on digital humanism at is4si summit

Wolfgang Hofkirchner wolfgang.hofkirchner at is4si.org
Mon Jan 25 14:37:03 CET 2021

dear friends,

our emergent systems group – which is a sig (special interest group) of the is4si – is co-organiser of an online workshop at the upcoming is4si summit 2021 on the topic „digital humanism: how to shape digitalisation in the age of global challenges?“. find the cfp attached. 

we’d like to invite you as fisers. digital humanism is a new brand in philosophy as well as informatics (https://gsis.at/2019/08/02/technology-is-for-people-and-not-the-other-way-round-gsis-supports-the-vienna-manifesto-on-digital-humanism/ <https://gsis.at/2019/08/02/technology-is-for-people-and-not-the-other-way-round-gsis-supports-the-vienna-manifesto-on-digital-humanism/>). from the pont of view of humanisation, we’d like to explore the relationship between the current state of hominisation and human-centredness of information technology design.

co-head, emergent systems group

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