[Fis] Energy and Entropy

Marcus Abundis 55mrcs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 06:22:31 CET 2021

Karl – it was no rhetorical embellishment . . .
If you go to Wikipedia and search 'energy' you will find 12 forms listed
there. At other times I have seen as many as 16 listed, this listing
changes from time to time. If you go to Scholarpedia and search energy, you
will find NO entries. Scholarpedia is more rigorous in reviewing and
admitting material. If you go to the US Energy Information Agency (aie.gov)
you will see 9 forms listed. Most sites make vague references to 'many
forms of energy exist, some of which are . . . ' Still, this means there is
no firm scientific framing for 'energy'.

Stan – I am sorry if my notes still seem unclear to you. I was attempting a
more civil tone in my replies, something better than your 'Your statement
concerning "typify" is nonsense.' Perhaps this weakened my point. For
example, if you go to Scholarpedia and search entropy you will find seven
types of entropy listed – entropy is 'typified' in (at least) seven
different ways. Your note 'Entropy applies everywhere, and always in the
same way.', even as something 'formal only' is actually nonsense, failing
to recognize the current state of affairs.

Further, entropy is always 'driven' by something, making force-energy a
directly related concept. Thus, *just in physics* (ignoring other areas of
research) with the uncertain nature of force-energy entropy is equally
uncertain. Your assertion on physics equally failed to recognize the
current state of affairs in physics.

That said, I still hope to see more notes from our featured New Year's
speaker . . .

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