[Fis] The 10 Principles of Information

Stanley N Salthe ssalthe at binghamton.edu
Sun Sep 20 20:49:03 CEST 2020

Accepting Pedro’s proclivity to associate information with life, we can
agree that information makes a difference to living systems

Then, life is characterized by e.g.:

     multiple reactivities

     cleaving to certain conditions that the system is adjacent (adapted)

     attractions and refusals


     Perpetuation in other material manifestations (e.g.,biological

     Build-up via organized actions / entropy production

But most of these are found in simpler form in abiotic dissipative
structures as well. Life characterizes very complicated and complex
dissipative structures

So, information must make a difference to the promotion of any dissipative
structure. (Here we arrive in physics!)

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