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Dear Marcin,
I agree with your ideas.

There is one basic question which has to be solved in advance.
It is: What conference platform to be used?

About collection of abstracts – it may be only in an e-book variant.
In this case it may be prepared easily and quickly.

Finally, at this very beginning stage, it is needed to decide how many streams will be supported. 
What is preferred short multi-stream conference or long as one stream.

Friendly greetings

PS: Sorry to delay with my answer, but I had used my three FIS attempts for last week.
Because of this, I answer in the first second of the new one  (Sofia time)!

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            Dear Colleagues, I am resending my earlier message.

     Sat, Sep 12, 11:09 PM (2 days ago)   
            to Krassimir, fis

Dear Krassimir, Pedro and other FIS colleagues,
Thank you for your response and interest in helping to organize the FIS Conference in the 2021 IS4SI Summit.
It is a very difficult time and the preparation of the IS4SI Summit is a big challenge. It will be the first online summit, this means a big risk of the unknown. I am scared, but I try to think about it not as a risky business, but as an opportunity. What kind of opportunity? At the moment, I think about it as an opportunity to build connections. The more we are separated by the pandemic, the more we need cooperation, connection, mutual understanding. So I try to organize the Summit as a medium for getting to know each other. This is why I am approaching different communities interested in Information or Related Concepts Study. At the moment I have confirmations from the organizers of seven conferences contributing to the 2021 IS4SI Summit:
1) MORCOM (Gordana & Marcin)
2) Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence, GFAI (Yixin)

3) Symmetry and Information  (Denes Nagy & Marcin)
4) Intl. Workshop on Natural Computing  (Masami Hagiya, Yasuhiro Suzuki & Marcin)
5) TIS (Mark Burgin)
6) Habits and Rituals (Raffaela).
7) The 5th International Conference on Philosophy of Information (ICPI) at the 2021 IS4SI Summit.(Wu Kun, Joe Brenner)
Two other conferences hopefully will be confirmed soon. I haven't heard yet from some other communities. 
I think that this would have been a real loss, if we don't have the next FIS Conference at the Summit. After all, the FIS community always was the driving force beyond the information study. 
Someone could ask about  why so many conferences. As I wrote, I would like to foster communication and interaction. The conferences do not have to be big. Actually, more important than arranging many presentations is a generation of many discussions. Mark Burgin, Joe Brenner and others were very supportive of the idea to generate discussions. My original idea was to prepare discussions on specific topics only, but (I agree now) we should be open to more spontaneous discussions on topics which are generated by presentations or earlier discussions.
The limit is logistics. I have to admit that my background in IT is limited. As probably everybody else, I taught online courses, organized some online discussions and workshops, but on a relatively small scale. I will need a lot of help. So, I am really happy that Krassimir offered his help. I will contact you Krassimir directly by email. 
I will be really happy to hear from everyone suggestions, advice, etc. 
Regarding the publication of papers presented at the Summit, there will be different venues. I promised some organizers the right to publish their own proceedings. Other conferences may use the arrangements made by IS4SI. It is important that Extended Abstracts are published BEFORE the Summit (see below).
Now, back from the dream to reality. I organized two earlier FIS Conferences, but this time I will mainly support conferences of newcomers from the communities in which I have been active, but which did not have any contact with IS4SI. This is why it is important that someone could take care of organization of the FIS Conference. I really don't see I can commit to the organization of any additional conferences. 
What does have to be done?
1) SOON: Writing the Call for Papers, including the title for the conference. Mark Burgin suggested and I am in full support of this idea that all conferences should have calls for Extended Abstracts (a couple of pages) to be published BEFORE the Summit. This will help in generating discussions. 
2) MUCH LATER: Review of submissions and preparation of the program for the conference. Program means list of presentations, Invited Lectures, etc. 
3) Cooperation in building the schedule. We have to coordinate schedules of most likely more than 10 conferences. It will be possible only after we have programs of all conferences. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Marcin J. Schroeder, Ph.D.
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schroeder.marcin.e4 at tohoku.ac.jp                                   

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