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A friend of mine drew my attention to this:

"Cuban Interferon Alpha 2b has proven effective for viruses with
characteristics similar to those of COVID-19"

anyone know about this?

On Sun, 15 Mar 2020 at 20:23, Pedro C. Marijuan <pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es>

> Dear All,
> The exchanges below have been taken from Plamen's authors list about
> immune overreaction to COVID-19. I think it is of general interest.
> Best--Pedro
> Dear Plamen,
> Cytokine storm is still a big therapeutic problem similar to sepsis. It's
> been known to arise in SARS patients. Here is a good summary:
> https://www.sinobiological.com/cytokine-storm-cytokine-storms-a-5800.html
> Treatment in infection related cytokine storm is like walking on thin ice.
> One needs to turn down the lymphocytes' overreaction without harming the
> immune defense. That is why corticosteroids are actually counter indicated.
> Using standard immunosuppressants would be similar unless they are
> carefully targeted like the OX40 inhibition. Nevertheless, I am curious
> what exactly was done and how does it differ from corticosteroid action
> (e.g. - Cyclosporine also blocks immune signaling very much upstream and
> antiproliferative drugs  kill off protective lymphocytes).
> Best regards,
> Anastas
> One can try curcumin for a start. See
> http://iv.iiarjournals.org/content/29/1/1.full
> Best,
> Arran
> On Sun, Mar 15, 2020, 1:27 AM Plamen <plamen.l.simeonov at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> just briefly:
>> here is what Bob Ulanowitz just shared with me. You may also share this
>> with others who may find it helpful.
>> I'm very excited right now by something I just heard on NPR. Italian
>> doctors are reporting some success with saving grave,elderly patients
>> by giving them auto-immune suppressant drugs. Three days ago I wrote
>> to my sister (a pathologist) that is exactly what should be tried.
>> About 15 years ago the frozen remains of young explorers who had died
>> of the 1918 flu were discovered and autopsied. It was revealed that
>> they were killed by their own healthy immune systems run amok.
>> Now last week a fellow by the name of Menachery ran some experiments
>> on mice that were exposed to COVID-19 like virus. He discovered that
>> young mice were not affected much, but mortality was high with old
>> mice. Furthermore, the immune systems of the old mice had run wild and
>> killed them.
>> So why not try treating old human patients with auto-immune suppressant
>> drugs?
>> Voila!
>> More later,
>> Bob
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