[Fis] On disinformation

Terrence W. DEACON deacon at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 1 22:54:30 CET 2020

Dear Pedro,

Great suggestions. I like the idea of an ongoing separate thread addressing
Of course I only addressed Western disinformation and didn't even touch on
highly massaged information that is often disseminated with centralized
governmental control.
This disinforms by selective censorship and redundancy and is increasingly
taking advantage of the myriad new forms of surveillance that can be used
to shape the information made available to different targeted audiences.
And Yes McLuhan is definitely relevant.
I wonder how he would think about the effects of these new media.
How do they reshape the nature of content?
How they can be understood using his notions of hot and cool?
What is now in the rear view mirror within the new media that once was in
the foreground?
On these matters Bob Logan might want to weigh in.

Professor Terrence W. Deacon
University of California, Berkeley
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