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Dear FIS Colleagues, 


As usually, I apologize for interfering with the ongoing discussion on the
future chapters arrangement. The subject is important and great, but (as
usual) the discussion quickly degrades to self-promoting advertisements and
old ideas revitalization. This is a dead-ended passageway.


In the current (Oct 04, 2019) Science issue, Vol. 366, pp. 83-89, a paper of
the UT Southwestern team is published, where the scientists describe how
they have implanted memories into the birds brains to guide the learning of
their songs. The guys do not ask "what is memory?" They even do not need an
answer - they are busy with medical implementations of their findings. It is
self-understood that answering such a question has to be our duty. But
again, we are not ready to keep up with this challenge.


A similar case happened a year ago - In the ENEURO journal, published on May
14, 2018, an UCLA research group reported a successful memory transfer from
one marine snail to another. I have immediately informed my FIS colleagues
about this achievement, but the news left them indifferent.


(As usual, not to make my FIS colleagues angry, I had not mentioned that the
UCLA experiment reliably confirms my assumption that Information (and all
its derivatives - thoughts, feelings, memories) are material entities, that
is, are strings of nucleotides comprising the text of an information
message. As such, they can be processed, manipulated, and even relocated.
Memories are not more arrangements of adjustable synapses, as the brain
researchers traditionally view them. Memories are real linguistic
descriptions of observed structures that we retain and recycle in our brains
and our neuronal arrangements. As said, I did not mention the above details,
and my note passed unnoticed).


Never mind, I am usual that from the heights of "Data and Information"
masterpiece (Krassimir and the other FIS bessere Menschen) problems of
memory (information) transposition and rearrangement are irrelevant and
inappropriate. Never mind, I am usual that such subjects are undiscussable
in FIS community.


So, what happens with the New Chapters proposal? Really, a good and a timely


Best regards,



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