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Stanley N Salthe ssalthe at binghamton.edu
Wed Nov 6 15:28:10 CET 2019

Bruno -- Regarding:

I can give references, if you don’t know them already. I understand that it
might look very weird from a materialist or Aristotelian point of view.
Sadly, the common God vs No God hides the original question of the early
theologian: is reality given by a physical primary universe, or is reality
a deeper and simpler consequence of a non material reality (like
mathematics, musics, …).
To sum up the main admittedly counter-intuitive point: the digital
mechanist hypothesis refutes all mechanist metaphors. The machines have a
soul (in the greek platonician sense) and they already know (in the sense
of Plato’s Theaetetus)  that their soul is NOT a machine, nor even anything
describable in any third person way.

S: I point out that science is based in logic, and that logic is
mechanistic. Therefore, science will represent all possibilities as
mechanistic (and will result in creating machines that
will enforce mechaniscisms partout). Is it possible that only the poetic
might provide non-mechanistic insights?

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