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Hi Alexander, greetings to all,

I have few doubt that cells have some consciousness, like I think that Mechanism enforces the presence of consciousness for all universal digital machine.

It is not similar to the human mundane state of consciousness, but it could plausibly be compared to highly dissociative type of (altered) consciousness state, not unlike mystical experience, or salvia divinorum experiences.

Actually, the “virgin” (unprogrammed) universal machine might be maximally conscious and maximally intelligent (in the sense of Böhm-Krishanamurti).

Once such machine got the induction axioms, it becomes Löbian, and it becomes aware of its limitation, and develop a series of narratives in many different self-referential modes (the truth, the provable, the knowable, the observable, and the sensible). That theory is testable, by comparing its observable logic with nature, and I predicted quantum mechanics (without wave reduction) from this. 

So with Mechanism,  Turing universality is the treshold to get consciousness, but the indiction axioms gives the threshold of “Löbianity” (which is more self-consciousness than consciousness per se).

It is possible that the brain is a filter of information/consciousness. Somehow, we can only make such machine less intelligent and less conscious, or more deluded.

Here consciousness can be defined semi-axiomatically by what is true, knowable, indubitable, yet non provable by the machine concerned, nor definable (like Truth, cf Tarski theorem).

My own inspiration icomes from many ye&rs of observation of bacteria and protozoa, together with the reading of books and paper in Molecular biology. I decide to study mathematics, when I realise that elementary arithmetic gives, semantically, all what is needed to get computations and self-reflecting agent. As you know (perhaps) this leads to Plato, and departs from Aristotle’s materialism. We can’t really assume more than any universal system, and I use numbers because people are familiarised with them.

Just to say that Mechanism sides with those who think plausible that amoeba and even bacteria are conscious (albeit not self-conscious).

Note also that this theory of consciousness explains the quantum apparences. So consciousness and the quantum are related, but in the different direction than usual. I can give references if people are interested. This has been peer rebuked by many, but it makes some dogmatic materialist philosophers angry.



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> We agree with Jose Luis and Pedro regarding the usage of consciousness notion in relation to a single cells. As for the brain organoids, then if a particular level of complexity would be achieved due to adequate and diverse sensory inputs, indeed, theoretically some-kind of consciousness might emerge. Only a real experiment will show if it happen. The question is how to verify that the consciousness has emerged, especially in such brain organoids which could not give a verbal report. One way is to use EEG and the proposed measures of consciousness as one described by Jose Luis, another by Massimini M, and yet another by us: see please a link: https://www.bm-science.com/images/bms/publ/art69.pdf <https://www.bm-science.com/images/bms/publ/art69.pdf>
> We further speculated how Operational Architectonics theory of Brain-Mind functioning could be related to quantum physics concepts: https://www.bm-science.com/images/bms/publ/art103_in-press.pdf <https://www.bm-science.com/images/bms/publ/art103_in-press.pdf>
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