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Dear Xueshan, dear All, dear FISers,

This is a really important question: what are the relations between
information science and computer science?
At least the word "information" is common two both fields.
Also, in my opinion, Shannon information should be considered to be
part of both fields.
However, more funding seems available via computer science.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Le jeu. 26 déc. 2019 à 02:31, Xueshan Yan <yxs en pku.edu.cn> a écrit :
> Dear Marcin,
> I agree with your fundraising is an urgent issue in IS4SI, but I only give a few lines on your point 5. You have touched the tenderest area around us: Is computer science an information science? If is, what is the relationship between it and the information science that we are pursuing here? If not, why?
> Higher education of information in Japan has some good cases for us. Tohoku University, Tokyo University, etc. have treated technical information and human information separately successfully. In a sense, they are ahead of us.
> Another question pressing us enough headache is: Is genetics an information science? Same: Is neuroscience an information science? The fundamental concept in both of these two disciplines is Information. Another subject in which information becomes more and more basic in biology is endocrinology.
> Understanding of information science as a much broader domain of study just is the pursuit of IS4SI, we only have the form but without the content of it now, what could we propagate to related colleagues? So, not only a big task is it, but a despairing task is it too. Beyond computer science, biology, physics, and chemistry, etc. are the basic characteristics of FIS, but this burden has been more and more beyond our ability and is becoming its characteristics.
> Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all colleagues!
> Xueshan

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