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Dear Colleagues!

One week of IS4SI Gothenburg is over and soon all of you will be back 
home. What remains from our summit are memories of great moments, and 
experiences, meetings with people, sharing knowledge, friendly, 
open-minded and inclusive atmosphere, five intense days in beautiful 
Gothenburg in truly transdisciplinary setting. We enjoyed very much the 
presentations and discussions, excellent plenaries with panels and 
keynotes, lunch breaks with lively debates when all the congress center 
was vibrating of engaged and friendly voices. Excursion to the beautiful 
Elfsborg fortress with enchanting nature and joyful boat tour, the 
banquet with the inspirational talk of Bo Dahlbom, and artistic moments 
- concrete poetry of Hans-Jörg Kreowski, AI choreography of Louise 
Crnkovic-Friis and incredibly beautiful algorithmic music performance by 
Palle Dahlstedt – made an impression that will surely last.

The whole complex organisation (with the program of 70 pages) worked 
flawless and technical support was always there, efficient and helpful 
when we needed it. Student volunteers’ help was invaluable. MeeteX took 
care of registration that wen quickly and smoothly.

Thank you all for your excellent contributions, for self-organizing into 
such a great event!

What remains now is practical questions connected to the financial 
issues like reimbursements, certificates etc.

Please contact MeetX for that, who will help you,

e-mail: is4si-2017is4si-2017 at meetx.se <mailto:is4si-2017 at meetx.se>

In the coming weeks I will collect photographs from the conference.

At the moment I already have several hundreds but if you have something 
special that you want to share, send it to me.

Already on the web page you will find two group photos.


The next step regards publication activities, that are important for the 
impact of our work. There are a lot of possibilities to publish in front 
of us – we will come back to you in that regard.

The first one is Proceedings journal, for which we will come back to you.

The last day of the conference, on Friday we have elected Terrence 
Deacon for our new President and Marcin Schroeder for President Elect. 
By that my function becomes Immediate Past President. My role will be to 
support Terry in matters of web information about the Society and the 
Board and its activities.

The next summit will be organized by Terry Deacon in the US, on 
Berkeley, Stanford of Santa Clara – soon we will know more.

Thank you again and bye for now,


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