[Fis] A Book: Information Science:Concept,System and Perspective

Xueshan Yan yxs at pku.edu.cn
Thu Jun 2 09:15:12 CEST 2016

Dear Rafael and Moisés,


I write here some compressed words due to the limit of two posts one week.


Beat regards,



From: Rafael Capurro [mailto:rafael at capurro.de] 
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Subject: Re: [Fis] Information Science: Concept, System and Perspective (Contents Only) - Invitation to view

Dear Xeushan,

       Thank you, this helps me to understand what your book is about.

I think that this is a very comprehensive view of the subject.

I would very much like to read what you say about Information Science in China before and after 1948.

Is there any root of information science in Ancient Chinese?

【According to present understanding about “Information Science”, we can’t find any root of it in Ancient Chinese.】

Is there a connection between information and DAO?

【If we can divide Information Science as Materialist Information Science and Informatist Information Science, then it is inevitable that INFORMATION has a relationship with DAO in the Informatist Information Science.】

Is the word information in Ancient Chinese the same you use after 1948?

【Basically, same.】





From: Moisés André Nisenbaum [mailto:moises.nisenbaum at ifrj.edu.br] 
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 1:51 AM
To: yxs at pku.edu.cn
Subject: I will accept your help :-)

Dear Xueshan.

I understand what you said about the book. But there must be many people like me waiting for the opportunity of reading it. 

【Thank you Moisés, I hope so.】

Thank you very much for kindly offer me help. And I, obviously, will accept :-)

【You are wellcome!】

I really would like very much if you have 30 minutes to an interview via Skype or WebEx. I would like to ask you some specific questions about your book and also about the "crucial" relationship between Physics and IS that you commented. 

【Good suggestion, I hope you can postpone this step. Um abraço.】

If you don't have time, I will understand, no problem. Anyway, I will soon send a survey to FIS list.

Thank very much for your kind attention.

In Portuguese we use to say "um abraço" at the end of messages that approximately means "a hug". Something cultural that I cannot translate.


So, um abraço!


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