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Loet Leydesdorff loet at leydesdorff.net
Wed Oct 21 08:37:35 CEST 2015

Self-reference is a key principle in art and humor and it may also be a key
component of the structured coherence in science Pedro and we are seeking.


Dear Joseph:


Do not count me in to the "we", please. In my opinion, these "unity of
science" principles are outdated. At issue is to specify how the sciences
and specialties are different; in which respects and why? Obviously, the
boundaries are fuzzy, since what may seem far distanced from one perspective
can be nearby from another (e.g. in terms of the metrics used for the
measurement such as in the case of biometrics and econometrics). 


These distinctions are not to be identified into a single "self" of the
self-reference, but to be dissolved (differentiated) in discourse. They are
carried by the communication in science & technology studies or more broadly
(since including the science/society interface) in the information sciences.
The "self" is not transcendental to these discourses, but reflexive insofar
as one has the communicative competencies to listen and - if so wished -- to


The distinctions (such as the ones between your five schemes) may be useful
heuristics. The puzzles have then to be specified.





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