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Dear Kate,

From great distances, we accompany you in your peine.


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Le 10 mai 2024 à 16:41, Katherine Peil Kauffman <ktpeil at outlook.com> a écrit
>Thank you Karl. The cycle - and circle - of life continues. May we
>honor and fully experience each precious moment.
>> On May 10, 2024, at 4:32 AM, Karl Javorszky
><karl.javorszky at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We show our respect and empathy by keeping a week of silence.
>> May our feelings support you. 
>> Katherine Peil <ktpeil at outlook.com <mailto:ktpeil at outlook.com>>
>schrieb am Fr., 10. Mai 2024, 12:26:
>> Dear FIS community,
>> Sorry for the silence. Medical crises have transformed to grieving
>processes and Stu and I will be in transit until next week.
>> But in the meantime, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on the
>role of information in the immune system, particularly the innate
>immune system. (Link and pdf attached below).
>> My take on the self-regulatory function emotion suggests that the
>dual  “purposes” of self-preservation and adaptive self-development
>(both mediated by Negative ~ Positive categories of emotions) are
>rooted in ancient information signaling and memory systems.
>> So a few more questions to ponder:
>> How deep does molecular sensing and actuation go? Is any subjectivity
>involved in information processing? At what point is it purely
>> And once again, where does the semantic value enter the picture? Food
>vs poison? (Yum and Yuk, as Stu would say)? Not-self pathogens? Too
>hot, too cold?
>> Why are certain realities “painful”? And what does that tell us about
>“reality” proper?
>> With humility and fond affections, 
>> Kate
>> PS Thank you all for the previous comments. (Karl, thanks for your
>detailed offering on The Tao of Numbers. I hope we can find that common
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