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Eric Werner eric.werner at oarf.org
Thu May 2 16:54:25 CEST 2024

Interesting I’ve written about the interaction between parental genomes in the development of organism.
These interaction protocols must be run non-random preserved by lateral symmetry in the animal
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> On Apr 30, 2024, at 14:13, a.sloman at bham.ac.uk wrote:
> Thanks Eric,
> A point of clarification.
> You wrote:
>> I also like your reference to Ganti and the minimal form of life. How do you see
>> Ganti's work in relationship to von Neumann's self reproducing automata?
>> The fact Ganti could be considered a minimalist or essentialist in trying to
>> give the minimal properties that any life form must have, appears to go counter
>> to the what appears to be your argument that life is highly complex, so complex
>> that it requires a new theory of physics.
> Ganti was discussing minimal requirements for *sexual* reproduction, combining
> two different, though related, genomes.
> Many organisms use *asexual* reproduction (e.g. vegetative reproduction)
> achieved simply by growing new appendages to existing structures. Ganti was not
> making claims (and I do not make claims) about what *any life form must have*
> e.g. plants that reproduce simply by extending themselves.
> I have not claimed that fundamental physical theories need to be extended to
> account for those forms of reproduction, as I have not thought about (or read
> about) details of vegetative reproduction.
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> Aaron
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