[Fis] 回复: 🏮新年好 Happy New Year 2022!

钟义信 zyx at bupt.edu.cn
Wed Feb 2 00:14:20 CET 2022

Dear Gordana, 

Many thanks to you for the friendly greetings from you to all IS4SI colleagues in China for the Chinese Spring Festival.

On behalf of our IS4SI colleagues in China and on the occasion of Chinese New Year, May I deliver our hearty greetings to you, wishing you and all IS4SI friends a very happy and prosperous future!

Let's, get together, do our best for our closer and closer unity and a better and better IS4SI! 

Sincerely yours,

 Yixin Zhong (钟义信), 
Professor at AI School, 
University of Posts & Telecommunications,
Beijing 100876 China

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This year’s Spring Festival comes so early.
🏮新年好  Happy New Year 2022 to our colleagues in China!
Best wishes,
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