[Fis] A word of appreciation

Daniel Boyd daniel.boyd at live.nl
Sun Apr 10 17:36:19 CEST 2022

That which is of greatest value we may take for granted; and taking it for granted we risk losing it.

For long time members this discussion group could risk falling into this category, possibly sometimes even feel like a chore. Some are certainly more active than others. While still a wide eyed newcomer, I feel the urge to make a statement.

In recent years I have entered and left a number of online science fora which had fallen prey to the social media diseases of echo chambers and mud slinging. Browsing the FIS archives, I see neither. It is not that everybody is in agreement and simply patting each other’s backs: anything but. Views are sometimes diametrically opposed. However, the interactions are respectful, allowing differences to interact constructively rather than leading to entrenchment and conflict. I see here an example of the potential held in the birth of the internet that all too often went astray.

If I may be permitted to wax lyrical for a moment: FIS is not gold dust. It doesn't shine prettily like more trendy online fora. More significantly: gold may be valuable, but it is inert. FIS is the organic soil of a garden which, if tended well, may nurture unforeseen growth and development.

My call? Never forget the value of this garden, don't forget to bring your watering can, once in a while and... why not bring along your friends?

Happy gardening 😉


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