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Krassimir Markov markov at foibg.com
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Dear Marcus,
Thank you very much for the data you gave me!

Yes, I am not the first and I will not be the last to try to work on the thesaurus and the taxonomy of the Information science.
I am just one of many others.
My goal is to try to support and continue this important work.

About the site. It works normally.
All that is needed is JUST ONE click on the "plus".
The second click will shrink the structure and show the total number of indexed articles on the topic.

The ACM Classification System can be seen at https://www.acm.org/publications/class-2012 .

Kind regards,


From: Marcus Abundis 
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Subject: ITHEA Classification Structure – Bitrum Glossary

Hey Krassimir, 

I tried several times to access http://idr.ithea.org/tiki-browse_categories.php
using three different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla – on an iMac 14,3, OS 10.15.7). 
None of them work.
I think there is a problem with your web page – when you click on the listed folder/link, they appear briefly and then immediately collapse/disappear. The file(s) cannot be accessed/opened in this way.
While your suggestion is more 'right-minded' than the alternative, I cannot access the value of your listing.

Also, I recall that Jose, Francisco, and Mario had a similar project in mind (http://glossarium.bitrum.unileon.es/glossary) but it never seemed to 'get off the ground'.(?) So, you and *I* have both thought of this but we are not the first . . . STILL such a project is of absolute vital importance!!! My own small effort toward this end, as you know, was given in my 2021 IS4SI talk and related papers (https://youtu.be/2rS9uT08YP8).

Please correct/update your ITHEA web page so I can view the information.

            Marcus Abundis


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