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Pedro C. Marijuan pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es
Tue May 11 21:40:18 CEST 2021

Dear FISers,

You will remember in those ancient times of travels and hotels (so 
distant now!) the request in the front desk for a wake up call... we 
should be on time for the presentations or for the shuttle to the airport.

In these strange times of ours, of unrelenting isolation, every month 
our stamina reserves are little by little depleted, at least for those 
not directly involved in the duties of academic life or institutional 
research. How a wake up call might be arranged for those of us at the 
brisk of depression?

In June 15th is the deadline for participating in the IS4SI 2021 
conference. See https://summit-2021.is4si.org/

_I think we should massively participate._ Let us post our tentative 
abstracts in the list, as Howard did, and let us have preliminary 

Personally, I will send an abstract to one of the sessions (still 
undecided which one could be fitting) about


It will be argued that intelligence is a universal phenomenon present in 
all forms of life. It requires a new form of relationship with the 
environment, implying not only openness to energy flows but to 
information flows as well. External information processing, coupled with 
internal information processing, may produce an adaptive life cycle that 
manifests (natural) intelligence, produces meaning, and realizes fitness 
value. Out from the basic prokaryotic conformation, the unit of natural 
intelligence, it may develop hierarchically, via multicellularity, and 
particularly with the evolution of nervous systems. Then, natural 
intelligence fully develops up to the point, in the human case, of 
exhibiting pieces of artificial intelligence that mimic some of the 
basic properties of the former. It will be finally argued that without a 
proper understanding of natural intelligence, the scientific foundations 
of artificial intelligence will be shaky--notwithstanding the 
technological grandeur it is effectively achieving. But unbridled, 
half-understood technologies are not a panacea for societies. Often the 

Best regards to all!


Pedro C. Marijuán
Grupo de Bioinformación / Bioinformation Group

pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es

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