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Wed Sep 9 12:18:42 CEST 2020

Ehem, the IS4SI conference will not be exactly in 2121 (well, who knows 
whether there will be one by that date!) but in 2021, and in September 
12-19, as the advertisement below was saying.
Great mental shape at the beginning of the course!

El 08/09/2020 a las 13:58, Pedro C. Marijuan escribió:
> Dear FIS Colleagues,
> After these weeks of rest, we may continue our list exchanges (the 
> pending discussion on the 10 points or whatever); but before there is 
> an invitation by Marcin Schoroeder, current IS4SI chair, to organize 
> the customary FIS section in the next IS4SI Meeting, this time 
> virtual, in June 2121. FIS has been the main mover and the originator 
> of the IS4SI in the Beijing FIS Conference, so we should maimtain our 
> collective presence there. Given that the virtual stuff has some 
> peculiar complexities, may I suggest to the most experimented (young?) 
> colleagues to help in the organization of our participation? (better 
> if they contact me offline). See below some generalities about the 
> ongoing preparations of the venue.
> Greetings to All,
> --Pedro
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> Asunto: 	Invitation to Contribute FIS Conference to the 2021 IS4SI Summit
> Fecha: 	Thu, 3 Sep 2020 17:59:34 +0900
> De: 	Marcin SCHROEDER <mjs at gl.aiu.ac.jp>
> Para: 	Pedro C. Marijuan <pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es>, 钟义信 
> <zyx at bupt.edu.cn>
> *2021 Summit of IS4SI "Information Study for the Benefit of Humanity: 
> Learning from the Recent Experience and Building the New Normal" 
> September 12-19, 2021**
> *The title as well as the information about the Summit in this 
> pre-announcement may be changed within next few weeks. They are 
> included here for the purpose of focusing further discussion of the 
> logistic matters.
> *The Summit will be in the online format*. However, there will be 
> possible regional in-person components of the Summit, if by the time 
> of the event travel restrictions are revoked. Since it is impossible 
> to predict the feasibility of such regional events, the present plan 
> is only for the online format.
> *Papers presented by participants of the Summit will be published in 
> several alternative venues which will be announced later.*
> *The Summit will consist of several contributing conferences, plenary 
> sessions and some accompanying events.* The distinction of the plenary 
> sessions is rather for organizational purpose as if only possible all 
> sessions will be distributed in separate time slots. Organizers of the 
> contributing conferences will be responsible for the programs and 
> schedules of the conference presentations and discussion sessions.
> *All participants have to register for the Summit*. The passwords, 
> codes and invitations (depending on the platform used by the Summit) 
> will be available only to registered participants. There will be three 
> categories of participants:
> a) Presenting contributors who pay a small conference fee to cover the 
> cost of publications and of the arrangements of presentations.
> b) Invited Speakers, Honorary Guests, and Organizers whose 
> contributions can be published, but who do not pay conference fee.
> c) Auditors whose participation is free of charge.
> Marcin J. Schroeder, Ph.D.
> Specially Appointed Professor
> Global Learning Center
> IEHE (Institute for Excellence in Higher Education) 
> (高度教養教育・学生支援機構)
> Tohoku University (東北大学)
> 41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 JAPAN 
> (〒980-8576 仙台市青葉区川内41)
> schroeder.marcin.e4 at tohoku.ac.jp 
> <mailto:schroeder.marcin.e4 at tohoku.ac.jp>
> Professor Emeritus
> Akita International University, Akita Japan
> mjs at gl.aiu.ac.jp <mailto:mjs at aiu.ac.jp>
> Editor-in-Chief                            President
> /Philosophies / (MDPI Basel Switzerland) International Society for the 
> Study of Information(IS4SI)
> https://www.mdpi.com/journal/philosophies 
> is4si.org/about-is4si/organisation/board/ 
> <http://is4si.org/about-is4si/organisation/board/>
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