[Fis] black hole and information

Xueshan Yan yxs at pku.edu.cn
Mon Oct 12 03:13:15 CEST 2020

Dear Krassimir,

Very sorry for my late reply.

1. Yes, your statement "The Nobel Prize is given to researchers but not to
the Black hole." is more precise than my "This year's Nobel Prize in physics
goes to black hole research".

2. "Without observer there is no black hole entropy, there is no
information." Inadvertently, you have raised a quantum mechanical question
of information. If we can remember, Einstein and Bohr have a long debate
that has an essential impact on quantum mechanics. That is "Does the moon
exist when no one sees it?" If there isn’t any human observer, does "black
hole entropy or information" exist? I don't know.

3. "Comet A can transmits information to comet B", this information about
the behavior of the two comets greatly enriches our understanding of
astrophysics. Here, the first information is physical and the second is
human. Therefore, in my immature view, your "Consciousness is needed to
reflect reality and to assume some reflections as information." is a human
informatics problem, while the black hole information is physical.

Karl's prediction is a great encouragement to us and will come true soon,
let's be ready to accept the prize next year or later.

Best wishes,



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Dear Xueshan,

I have only one remark.
The Nobel Prize is given to researchers but not to the Black hole and not to
any other object in the Cosmos!

Without observer there is no Black hole entropy, there is no information.

So, the consciousness is needed to reflect reality and to assume some
reflections as information.


Friendly greetings






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Dear colleagues,


This year's Nobel Prize in physics goes to black hole research today. When
the curvature of space-time of a celestial body is so large that even light
cannot escape from its event horizon, we call it a black hole. I. Once a
black hole is formed, except for mass, angular momentum, and electric
charge, all the previous material properties as objects disappear; II. The
horizon area of the black hole is equal to its entropy (entropy equals
negative information). These two issues form a close relationship between
the research of black hole and information. The follow-up effect of this
year's Nobel Prize in physics may lead to further thinking on the
information in the future by astrophysicists, and lay a reverie foundation
for the informational interpretation of matter several years later.


Best wishes and health,



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