[Fis] black hole and information

Xueshan Yan yxs at pku.edu.cn
Tue Oct 6 14:37:29 CEST 2020

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This year's Nobel Prize in physics goes to black hole research today. When
the curvature of space-time of a celestial body is so large that even light
cannot escape from its event horizon, we call it a black hole. I. Once a
black hole is formed, except for mass, angular momentum, and electric
charge, all the previous material properties as objects disappear; II. The
horizon area of the black hole is equal to its entropy (entropy equals
negative information). These two issues form a close relationship between
the research of black hole and information. The follow-up effect of this
year's Nobel Prize in physics may lead to further thinking on the
information in the future by astrophysicists, and lay a reverie foundation
for the informational interpretation of matter several years later.


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