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Dear FISers,


Please excuse my failing to include one additional point in my previous
note: there has been some discussion of the degree to which Trump believes
the disinformation he spreads. The conclusion of one commentator is that it
makes no difference. This is a question of his individual psychopathology.
The latter is of scientific interest, but one needs to be more concerned
with the damage to society and how that can be remediated.  


Thanks again,






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Dear Pedro,


There is no disjunction between your information science ‘mill’ and our
latest discussion of society. A little less than a year ago, we had a very
good discussion of disinformation. In this period, we have had to
experience, and are still experiencing in the United States, one of the most
massive and vicious disinformation campaigns in history. This one comes
complete with, and is served by, all the latest information and
communications technologies. In the hands of right-wing ideologues and their
Master Puppet, they are causing a catastrophic “retreat from reality”, as
one U.S. journalist aptly named it, by poorly prepared segments of the


Information science and philosophy thus must include the study of the
susceptibility of information to this kind of distortion, misuse and
instrumentalization. One technique, which I might call totalitarian, is to
occupy as much as possible of the available multi-dimensional information


To combat this, we should make, I think, a conscious effort to better
understand the complex ecological knowledge systems in which we are embedded
to see how they can be furthered for the common good.


Thank you and best wishes,






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Dear Joseph and colleagues,


Let me first cordially thank to the contributors who have chimed in the list
and expressed their appreciation. About your reflection, yes, it was a neat
transdisciplinary exercise. It was an initial idea from Andrei that we two
crystallized during the IS4SI venue in Berkeley. In some sense it is unusual
business, given the compartmentalized structure of most research, but at the
same time it may be the natural way to look at such "information objects" of
extreme complexity as societies are. We need a bunch of the perspectives
capable of saying anything interesting or relevant about them. For medieval
thinker Raymond Lulli this handling of heterogeneous perspectives was the
intellectual "Ars Magna".  It represents the continued recombination
processes withing the "ecologies of knowledge" of our colleague Yixin. And
it was one of fundamental information principles I presented last month.


And to draw some more water to my own mill, quite many principles of those
variegated disciplines might be put in connection with the principles of
information science. Information science and information philosophy would
appear as the "unofficial handlers" of that intuitive Art.


Best regards



El 28/11/2020 a las 10:31, Joseph Brenner escribió

Dear Pedro, Dear Andrei,


Many thanks to you both for the opportunity to have participated in this
remarkable project! I look forward to reading all the papers, especially
those of some of the non-FIS contributors with whom I have lost contact. It
just occurred to me that this Special Issue is an exemplary
Transdisciplinary Project, of the kind that IS4SI is supposed also to help
develop. We could either just say: Nous faisons de la Transdisciplinarité
sans le savoir or we could use this concept in some way. I offer this
thought for your consideration during the 3rd International Congress on
Transdisciplinarity which is in progress essentially on-line for the next
six months. Comments welcome.


Best wishes,





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Dear FIS Colleagues,

You may remember the announcement that Andrei Igamberdiev and me circulated
last year on a special issue in BioSystems on the "Evolutionary Dynamics of
Social Systems--Looking for a New Dialog". We are glad to tell that the
edition is finally over and the contributions (more than 20) of this special
issue can be freely visited and downloaded during 50 days, until will 13
January 2021, in the link:

Quite a few contributors belong to our list: Joseph Brenner & Andrei
Igamberdiev (reflexive transformation of reality), Loet Leydesdorff (codes
in inter-human communications), Howard Bloom (biopolitics: bacterial roots
of the new autocracies) , Yagmur Denizhan (from archaic to modern myths),
Wolfgang Hofkirchner (the contemporary Great Bifurcation), Pedro Marijuan &
Jorge Navarro (acceleration of cultural change).... There are also
contributions from the Cliodynamics school (on political stability of
societies), from Adrian Bejan (constructal nature of social evolution), from
Nicholas Christakis' team (selective mating in human evolution), from Andrei
Khrennikov (entropy and quantum effects in decision making), etc. 

You may have a previous glance on our editorial presenting the issue:

Hope you will find it an interesting and useful special issue.


Pedro C. Marijuán
Grupo de Bioinformación / Bioinformation Group
pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es



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Pedro C. Marijuán
Grupo de Bioinformación / Bioinformation Group
pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es
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