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Emanuel Diamant emanl.245 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 16:16:12 CET 2020


Dear Pedro, Dear FIS colleagues, 


I do not share the general excitement about the revitalization of the FIS
discussion on information definition. 

I am not sure that the principle of "three messages per week" or the ITHEA
Cloud Forum, with an  

unlimited number of posts and 1M-large attachments, is our main problem. I
think that our discussion (again and again) violates the basic principle of
any scientific discourse - the IF-THEN principle - according to which each
hypothetical assumption is followed by a suggestion what stems from it,
where, and how these expectations could be discerned and observed. If I
remember right, Terence and Gordana on several previous occasions have
addressed this issue, but their call has remained unanswered.

However, refreshing the definitions of information we cannot continue to
ignore the IF-THEN rule requirement - How does the defined information look
like, how it is represented, what is its real form? The proposed definition
of information must be followed by a suggestion of assets that make it (the
information) visible, tangible, palpable. 

Only this kind of information definitions is being urgently needed in the
worldwide Human Brain Research programme. Or in the overhyped global
Artificial Intelligence race. In both, Artificial Neural Networks (which are
data processing number crunching devices) are supposed to emulate human
brain biological neurons (which are pure information processing devices).
Both fail to fulfill their promises, but do not understand for what reason
and why. The current FIS discussion certainly will not help them.

Regards, Emanuel. 



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