[Fis] New Year Lecture. 'Last' Responses

Joseph Brenner joe.brenner at bluewin.ch
Wed Jan 29 16:01:39 CET 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Here are my summaries of the last responses to the 'New Year Lecture'. The
overall conclusion I will produce shortly will be based on all responses
received to date. I hope that many of you intend, as I do, to continue the
discussion on on your own. It is 'closed' only in this formal sense.







F.1 23.01 The note of Krassimir was useful in delineating a role for
mathematical and categorial models in information theories, without
excluding other forms of analysis


F.2  23.01 It is interesting that the subject of art continued to attract
comments in relation to disinformation. But I think intentionality again
permits a distinction between 'art and anti-art'. Thus, in an offline
comment, it was said that the 'New York art world', has as much to do with
art as most 'religious' institutions with religion, that is, nothing. Some
individuals in that world may be exceptions. This is another way of saying
that what is important in art cannot be circumscribed in a single
'definition'. This is true of most discussions of 'information, on this list
and elsewhere.


F.3 24.02  In social discourse, are there areas which are not grey? The
analysis of intent is any case only a start. Assuming self-knowledge and
honesty, misinformation occurs by accident and is therefore 'excused'. As
for statements is about oneself or others, both can function as
disinformation. Perhaps you could clarify this, Dai, by explaining your term
which appeared as MANSPLAINING in your note. What makes Dai's meaning a
little obscure to me is that it talks about misinformation. If we say:
acceptability and disinformation do not necessarily go hand in hand, let us
look at the case where they do. Then my argument of intent holds:
acceptability is a tool in the hands of the disinformer.


F.4 24.01 Thanks to Yixin for his clear restatement of the basics on
information science. His division of information of information into
ontological and epistemological should be a subject for further discussion
in itself. In this view, the presence of disinformation is difficult if not
impossible to determine analytically. Hence his plea that to deal with
disinformation, we must "rely heavily on collective human efforts worldwide
in the fields of honesty, responsibility, ethics and morality." This is one
such effort.


F.5 24.01 Gordana has effectively continued this thread with her careful
comments on Yixin's note, without talking directly to the theme of
disinformation. We are very much here in the domain of science, and for a
moment, we are away from disinformation. The relief is almost palpable.


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