[Fis] The Exchange 'Value' of Information: Communication

Joseph Brenner joe.brenner at bluewin.ch
Sun Jan 19 09:18:40 CET 2020

Dear All,


The original intent of my Lecture was to discuss the structure of
information as well as disinformation. Some recent postings have suggested
to me that there is much science to do in the area of the positive value of
true information as opposed to its absence in dis- and mis-information. In
particular, I am interested in the value of the information exchanged
between two or more individuals.


Again, we are immediately confronted with issues, carefully studied by Loet,
of communication, and the difficulty of separating properties of information
and communication. For example, a dis-informer must choose a information
channel to disseminate his/her disinformation.


I would just say now that I think the value of a good exchange of
information between people is moral/emotional, and one cannot get into these
issues without reference to psychology and ethics. In other terms, we are
here in an area of science to which standard logical and computational
approaches cannot apply, but in which we wish to be as rigorous as possible.
Any suggestions which are also relevant to the major objective of the New
Year Lecture will be included there, with thanks.


By copy of this note, I am asking Pedro to please tell us if this area has
been debated or not within FIS. 





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